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  • Free and insured collection of your divorced property
  • Precise billing & transparent processing
  • Settlement within 3 working days 
  • Free metal giros to other refineries
  • Possibility to accompany your scrap during the melting process
  • Purchase of metals with rates accurate to the second, as well as pre-fixing of purchase rates
  • Free balance transfer to your account upon purchase
  • Support for scrap gold purchase via posters, flyers, etc.


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"When I call Burger Edelmetalle, the staff is courteous and helpful. They immediately know who I am, what I expect and take care of my wishes. When I call at midday and the employees have their lunch, Mr Burger himself answers the phone. I just think it's great that I always have a contact person who takes care of me and my wishes."

Robert Menze

Goldsmith & Gemsetter

"Time is very precious to me and the broad stocking from Burger Edelmetalle is simply a big advantage. I like the fact that I have semi-finished products or findings on my desk the next working day, especially when a customer orders a piece of jewellery that needs to be finished in a very short time."

Wolfgang Paa

Goldsmith & Jeweler